Mr.Rajagopal is the foundation and pillar of Mind Train, an organization to coach young and budding entrepreneurs in sales, new business aspiration and growth cycle & business consolidation.

With over 25 years of experience in senior positions in Marketing, Sales and Consulting in European, US, Middle East and Indian corporate world, Mr Rajagopal is an MBA from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and
Master of Commerce (M.Com) at Madras University, India.

His education in Holland and living in UAE for over 13 years, gave him tremendous exposure to various business organization and markets.

Mind Train - Get Mr. Coach on board!

Just imagine, will your favorite exotic meal in plush restaurant give you the same satisfaction if it's not garnished? The taste could be brilliant with perfectly done interiors and courteous service men, but you wouldn't get the complete satisfaction until your dish is presentable.

Well, this will probably look like a statement for foodies. But let's go one step further and apply the same to today's business environment.

In today's volatile business environment, as young entrepreneurs, you may have all components required to make your business a successful venture like qualification, market knowledge and the required financial backing. But there is another important magic ingredient that is needed to add the zing effect to your business venture - it is the required experience.

Experience is not something which can be the main discipline for graduation from a university. It comes with age! Why wait for decades to gain that experience to set up your own business?

This is precisely the thought that led Mr.Rajagopal to institutionalize his two decades of experience in various functions across the world. It is his calling to support passionate entrepreneurs, like you to not only they run your business profitably, but also develop the lives of those who depend on you, including your suppliers, employees, service providers and so forth.

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